Friday, December 4, 2009


1. Tip this
2 Level one
3 Are you naughty or nice? Where Santa puts gifts?
5 look at the different color pearls
9 wreaths and stockings are hanging with care just above is what u seek...
11 LIsten for the ringing, but these are not Christmas Bells.
16 It's all wet!
17 Let's Dance WOOF WOOF!
18 Perlion letter
19 If your Budgets THRIFTY, Then Visit Nifty Fifty
21 the treasure in hand of little devil :)
23 Look in the sky it is snowing! ITS FREE!!
24 The children hung their stockings with care...hoping St. Nicholas soon would be there I in my kerchief and my husband in his cap, just settled down for a long winter's NAP.

25 PEARLS are a girls best friend too!
26 how about a holiday wedding?
27 Don't miss the SIGNS!!
28 Take a drive with this WWII car to the pillbox hideout for an exploding prize.
38 Time for a romantic soak together, Between the Elephant & Lion, I bet they've never seen snow! Well picture that.
39 The day when the weather is good, face up and walk.
40 Perlion letter
41 Oh Christmas tree

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SHOP OWNERS: (check off list)

Shop owners:
1) Check to make sure your store name is on the list. This is not the order of the hunt.
2) Send me your hint if you have not yet, please put it on a NC with your store name OR your contact name, unless you can get me to respond in an IM, other wise do not trust that I got it in an IM if I do not respond to you. I cap daily.
3) Make sure your sign is out. If you have not gotten your sign by Nov. 27, 2009 please resend your notecard with your Store name, contact name, SURL, landmark, and hint.
4) Ornaments should be out Nov. 28th-29th if you are changing your location please get ahold of me before that!!!!!!!!

WHEN CAN YOU PUT YOUR ORNAMENTS OUT?????? Whenever you get it ;) But they need to be out from Nov. 30- Jan 5th.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guidelines & How To

1. Please remember that the shop owners are giving their time and items freely. So if you don't like the prize, delete it and move on. Do not be rude or whine to myself or the shop owners. Remember to respect others.
2. Exchange hints and help others, but do not give exact locations. Please do not cheat it is not fair to others and to the shop owners that put the hard work into this for you.
3. Be nice and play fair, also I can not stress enough be respectful of others.
4. Most important of all - HAVE FUN! It's what hunts are all about ㋡
5. If you have any trouble or questions send me a note card, or join one of the hunt groups out there. The one on my profile that I made for all of you is Jaded Hunts. Please use this one and feel free to talk about other hunts in it. BUT PLEASE ONLY TALK ABOUT HUNTS IN IT.

How To:
1. Obtain the Landmark (LM) for the first store in the hunt. It is also on my profile look there and copy and paste in SL.
2. Find the ornament in the store.
3. Buy the ornament for L$0.
4. Find the folder in your inventory, with the LM to the next store.
5. Continue this and have fun until the end ㋡


A big thanks goes out to these shop owners that are willing to give their time, effort, hard work, and prizes to the hunters. Thanks for your help, I loved working with you all in the past and I'm glad to do it again. Looking forward to a hunt in Feb! :)

Stores: in no such order or preference

Furniture & Home Designs
Tashi's Toy Store
Cheeky Lemon
Poetry Melody - Proxima store
Perfect Harmony
A.P. Inc.
.:PdC:. PdCreations
P & F Showcase
Humby Designs
The Art of Mary Wickentower @ 5 o'clock Somewhere
The Art of Mary Wickentower - main gallery
Wild Talender
LollipopZ Hair Styles
Stern Gallery
Aster's Builts, Wedding Invites and Giver
Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
Mammu´s shop
Santero Men's fashions
:Onyx Wear:
Life Is A Rose
An Autumn Lynagh Creation
D.Hondas Creations
Cherri Bomb Mall & Gaming
Pink !nc.
Angel's Fantasy Creation Gift Shop
shiny creations
Ginny's Gestures
Mammu´s shop
matilda's Shop
Sheer Elegance Wedding Mall

Contact Info:

Want to get a hold of me? Here is how....

Shop owners:
If you want to join the hunt, you have until Oct. 15 to get your NC into me. See below for my name in SL. Please do not e-mail me at this e-mail! I do not check my e-mail. But I am in world daily. Shop owners send me a note card with your contact name on it and the landmark of your store. I will get in contact with you soon to give you the items you need before the hunt.

Please also send me a note card. Please do not e-mail me at this e-mail! I do not check my e-mail. But I am in world daily. Posted on my profile is the starting point of the shop for the hunt. The hunt runs from Nov. 1, 2009 until Nov. 30, 2009. There are several hunt groups out there if you need some help on the hunt.

Contact Name: Jadedmarie Kerang