Sunday, November 22, 2009

SHOP OWNERS: (check off list)

Shop owners:
1) Check to make sure your store name is on the list. This is not the order of the hunt.
2) Send me your hint if you have not yet, please put it on a NC with your store name OR your contact name, unless you can get me to respond in an IM, other wise do not trust that I got it in an IM if I do not respond to you. I cap daily.
3) Make sure your sign is out. If you have not gotten your sign by Nov. 27, 2009 please resend your notecard with your Store name, contact name, SURL, landmark, and hint.
4) Ornaments should be out Nov. 28th-29th if you are changing your location please get ahold of me before that!!!!!!!!

WHEN CAN YOU PUT YOUR ORNAMENTS OUT?????? Whenever you get it ;) But they need to be out from Nov. 30- Jan 5th.

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